Welcoming Staff & Students Back to School

Hi Friends! Pretty sure I'm in the majority when I say I do my best to welcome my students into the library at the beginning of the year. There's bulletin boards, displays, intros to new programs, and so much more! I also do my best to welcome my staff. Not sure about you, but I'm constantly trying to reinforce to my staff that the library is not the same place at the library we experienced when we were kids. Unless there is testing, I never SHH my students. We are more than just for checkout. So I created two things for back to school this year that I wanted to share with you: one is specifically for new staff and the other is for both staff and students.

Because Some Days are Awesome.

I began a blog post earlier (which will be posted...early next week I think) but as I was writing it, something in my heart (and brain) was telling me I needed to write about this instead. So here goes: Yesterday was one of those days that I get occasionally where I felt like I truly …

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