About Rachel

2016 Portrait

Rachel Grover is a middle school librarian in Fairfax County, Virginia, and a past regional director for the Potomac region of the Virginia Association of School Librarians. She is currently a monthly blogger on the AASL Knowledge Quest blog. A 2016 nominee for the Potomac Region School Librarian of the Year for the Virginia Association of School Librarians, Rachel was an elementary school teacher for two years before beginning life as a middle-school English teacher in 2009. In 2014, she ran to the dark side and joined Libraryland, finding a dream job she didn’t even know was her dream! When she is not working, she loves reading, playing with technology, traveling, taking photographs, and sleeping in.

Follow her on Pinterest: crafty1013 or Twitter: @rgrov1013

Want to see presentations she has done on the school, regional, and state level? Check out the Presentations & Articles page!


One thought on “About Rachel

  1. Susan Waterworth


    I cannot thank you enough for your four blog posts on genrefying. I am embarking upon the process and you have saved me endless hours and potential mistakes by sharing your experience. WOW. Thank you so, so much. I have been wavering (I really worried, like your grad school cohort members, about kids narrowing their reading horizons, and about choosing which genre to put multi-genre books in) but after reading your posts I am thoroughly convinced – and committed. Thank you!



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