The 4 R’s of Summer

Ahh, summer. The time to actually sleep in, spend time with family members, travel, read, and you know, get ready for next school year. Gone are the days of sitting in rush hour traffic (for me, at least!) and actually enjoying a cup of tea on the couch, with a cat snuggled nearby. And it …

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End of Year Bulletin Boards

It's June! So many of my students absolutely love to read, and I try to encourage reading all year round, especially during end-of-year testing season. I do allow students to check out during testing season, just at the beginning of the day (our library is used for testing and as the place where students who …

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Book Trailers (and why they’re amazing)

I have to be really careful with what I watch on TV, mostly because I have this thing called a photographic memory. Basically, I remember a lot of what I see, which is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing when I need to remember where I left my keys (and it's great when comparison shopping!) but it's a massive curse when going to the movies, especially when the trailers come on. Some trailers are a bit scarier than I'd like them to be, mostly because those images stick in my head for a really long time (and quite frequently haunt my dreams). Most people love movie trailers because they get a heads up about what they're going to see. Likewise, book trailers are really helpful for students because the content may persuade them to read the book. For a lot of people, reading a book plays like a movie in their mind, and seeing trailers helps them to start those visualizations.