How Pinterest (and a Friend) Made Me Start Blogging.

I have been told by many people that I have something to say so I should say it. This blog is the result. Whether it’s any good or not, we’ll have to see. So here goes:

One of the things I love most about being a school librarian is that I never know what my day is going to be like. Well, I have a general plan. I usually have a long list of urgent and not urgent things to do, and unless I’m teaching, I basically get to decide what my day will be like. A lot of times I search online for ideas for how to improve my library. All of those words are a fancy way to say, I use Pinterest a lot, mostly because I am extremely visual and sometimes Google Images don’t exactly match with what I’m looking for. I love how many school and public libraries (and librarians!) have their own boards on Pinterest, and I get so many great ideas simply by looking through what other people have pinned. Many of my school’s contests, bulletin boards, and tiny bits of library life have their base in Pinterest at least in some small part, because I usually find a great idea and tweak it to meet my needs. WHERE ARE YOU GOING, GROVER?!?

The point is this: The other day I saw that a librarian I follow posted her “One Word” for her blog. The idea behind “One Word” is to give your blogging a purpose, or focus, for the upcoming year. I said to myself, this may be worth researching more. I have quite a few ideas for what I want to write about but I have no idea where to start. Later that day, wouldn’t you know that I was checking Facebook and a friend of mine, who is also a blogger, posted her “One Word” on her latest blog post. So I was convinced, this would be a great way to start my blog! But what is my “One Word” going to be? How can I narrow it down to one word? Well, the answer is that I couldn’t. I came down to two words and simply couldn’t decide between the two. So here are Grover’s Corner “Two Words” for 2016: (yay for PicMonkey and…not sure which site I used to create the spray paint…)

Create & Share 2016

Here are my thoughts:

  • Create: I LOVE making things. Whether it’s a new bulletin board, helping a teacher design a lesson or project, or something else, creating is right up my alley. Most of what I do is creative. So there’s got to be something there.
  • Share: I have been told that one of my strengths is sharing everything I have. I love presenting ideas at conferences, sharing thoughts and programs, but I also love recommending great books to students and making staff members’ lives easier by giving them things they need, such as pathfinders, print resources, or screencasts. Sharing is a major part of what we as librarians do, and I’m looking forward to creating other posts to share (did I seriously just do that?)

Friends, most of what we do is included in these two words. Here’s to hoping that my posts this year will, in some way, inspire you to create and share more, too. I’m so glad that once again, Pinterest has given me focus to something else in my library life. What did we do without it?

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